Share in Our Dream

We welcome you to dream with us for a better world for God’s people.


We invite you to share your expertise and resources with us. We encourage you to work synergically with us. Here are a few ways and means by which you can share in our ministry:

1. A Daily Moment of Prayer: If you are a spiritually inclined person who believes in God and have the habit of praying, please pledge to say a moment’s prayer for us and those whom we minister. And please let us know you are praying for us!

2. Mentor-a-Claretian Scheme: Formation of a candidate to priesthood is long and costly. You can help a Claretian candidate to fulfill his dream of becoming a religious priest-missionary by sponsoring his seminary training.

    3. Minister in our Missions: Perhaps you might want to come and stay in our mission and offer your varied expertise to build up the mission and minister to people. It could be for a month or two, or even longer.

    4. Sponsoring a Building/Part-building/Furniture: The context of the Northeast requires infrastructural facilities for people to realize their potential. Some of the needs are village churches, school and college buildings, computer labs, furniture for class rooms, etc. You can sponsor parts of these, depending on your financial health.

    5. Institution of Endowments/Scholarships: Education is one of the cardinal ministries in the Northeast. You might want to create an endowment for our schools/colleges, or institute scholarship in your/loved one’s name.

    6. “Friend of Claretians” Project: You can also be a “Friend of Northeast Claretians” through a pledge for annual contribution. You will be enlisted as a Friend of ours on a recurring basis and prayed for regularly!

      7. Remembering Northeast Claretians in your Will: Well, it sounds scary, but that everyone dies is a fact! Why not plan your legacy? You are welcome to remember Northeast Claretians in your Will.

      8. Any Other: You might have a brilliant idea for shared mission with us, an idea that is not listed here. You are welcome to share with us and help us implement the same!

      In case you are interested in making a pledge and/or contribute, please download the PLEDGE PAGE and send it by e-mail / surface mail to the following address, along with the details of your contribution. We thank you for your generosity!   


      Ministering on the Margins Pledge


      Claretian Missionaries
      Claret Villa
      Kynton Massar
      Mawlai P. O.
      Shillong – 793 008
      Meghalaya, INDIA