Being Schooled

“Harvest is plentiful, but laborers are few. Hence, beseech the Lord of harvest to send out laborers to His harvest.” (Matthew 9:37-38)


The labor of love in the margins of society cannot be mere wishful thinking; it needs young minds and hearts that burn with the fire of love for God and humanity and are trained for the ministry in the margins. Hence, the Claretians of Northeast India focus on the holistic training of those who freely and generously join them to be missionaries. The formation caters to seven dimensions of an aspirant’s personality: spiritual, somatic, apostolic, moral, charismatic, intellectual, and affective. This is an ongoing process that lasts one’s lifetime, the foundations of which are laid through the initial formation that takes, on average, twelve years. Aspiring candidates pass through the following stages:  Minor Seminary, Philosophy & Degree Studies, Novitiate, Regency, & Theology Studies. 

The candidate continues to discern his vocation and goodness of fit for the Claretian way of life through personal reflection, spiritual direction, and study of the Constitutions and Charism of Claretian Missionaries. Having discerned, he takes the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, thereby embracing consecrated life in the style of Claretian Missionaries. During the year of regency, he does internship in missionary fields, getting an in-depth taste of the work that awaits him. He continues to discern and sometime in the theology study years, he embraces the way of life definitively through perpetual vows, and at the end of the theology formation, get ordained as priest as well.  

The Northeast Region of Claretians has three formation houses, for the stages of Minor Seminary, Philosophy and Degree studies, and Theology studies. The Novitiate is held in Bangalore, together with the novices of other Claretian Provinces of India.