Dirnberger Niketan (Sonada)

The house at Sonada was founded in 2009 to facilitate candidates obtaining a secular degree (bachelorette) and the mandatory specialization in philosophy.


The house was named after the late Rev. Fr. Franz Dirnberger, CMF, a German Claretian who made India his home, lived and died in India, tending to the young Indian Claretian foundation in its infancy and childhood, and hence, is fondly called “Grandpa” by the Indian Claretians. Since 2009, twenty-three students have passed through the portals of Dirnberger Niketan. Currently, there are 15 students across three years of study. The students do their studies at Salesian College, Sonada.

During this stage, students continue to discern their vocation through personal reflection, conferences, and study of the Claretian Charism, while also caring for their personality development through the activities of various cells and associations.