St. Francis Xavier’s Church, Mawsynram

The Catholic Mission at Mawsynram was opened in 1976 and was ministered to by the diocesan clergy until 1993 in which year, it was entrusted to the pastoral care of Claretian Missionaries. The mission is close to the borders of India and Bangladesh. There are 25 villages, 546 families, and 3,325 catholics under the Mission. This Mission has been rich in vocations – it has so far offered one priest and six religious sisters, with 12 aspiring candidates to priestly/religious vocation.  The Mission has a vibrant educational apostolate with one school at the Center, and eight schools in villages. The school at the Center – St. Francis Xavier School – caters to 429 students with the help of 19 teaching staff, whereas the eight village schools together educate 441 students through the efforts of 28 teaching staff. There are also two hostels that provide residential facility for 99 students. 


Key Achievements: 

  • A comprehensive Pastoral Plan that caters to the needs of every segment of the Center. 
  • Empowerment of Laity, Women, and Youth through various associations.
  • Educational empowerment of village youth.
  • Promotion of Vocations to priestly and religious life.