St. Claret Mission, Kachugaon

St. Claret Mission serves 1,800 catholics from 480 families in 71 villages. The people of the Mission belong to four tribal groups – Bodos, Rabhas, Santhals, and Adivasis. St. Claret School was opened in 2005 and it currently provides education up to Grade X. There are 600 students and 20 teaching staff in the school. There are also two hostels that currently accommodate a total of 19 students. The Mission is situated at a location that has witnessed several ethnic violence. 

Key Achievements: 

  • The Mission serves as a calming presence and a refuge for people during times of militancy and ethnic violence. 
  • One-third of the villages have their own prayer halls. 
  • The school is recognized by the SEBA Board and caters to one of the major needs of the locality – education. 
  • Dynamic and active youth ministry.