St. Claret Mission, Boasimla

St. Claret Mission at Boasimla was the first venture of Claretian Missionaries into the State of Arunachal Pradesh, the “land of the rising sun.” Arunachal Pradesh is the northeasternmost State in the Indian Union, and is located in the Himalayan foothills. It is a tribal state with around 25 major tribes and many more minor tribes. Anyone from outside the State requires an “Inner Line Permit” (ILP) to enter the State.

Key Achievements: 

  • Pastoral Care for 560 catholic families across 18 villages on the Himalayan foothills. 
  • Ten villages with prayer halls/chapels for spiritual nourishment. 
  • School up to Grade VII, with a total of 457 students and 130 hostellers. 
  • Self-Help Groups (SHGs) with 15-20 members in each SHG, under the aegis of IDEA (Itanagar Diocesan Empowerment Association). 
  • Formation programs for the youth, women, and leaders. 
  • Medical care for an average number of 308 patients per month.