St. Claret Mission, Ampati

  • Founded in: 1989
  • Location: Ampati, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya
  • Diocese: Tura
  • Demographics: Rural, Tribal
  • Ministries: Pastoral Care, Education, Community Development
  • Partners in Mission: Sacred Heart Sisters


St. Claret Mission at Ampati was opened in 1989 bifurcating it from the Garobadha mission, and became the second mission of Claretians in the Northeast. The Mission currently serves 7,149 catholics across 1,238 families over 35 villages. The population consists of mainly Garo tribals. However, there are also a significant number of Kochs, Hajongs, Bengalis, and Assamese. The people of the region are agriculturists growing crops such as rice, betel leaves, arecanut, etc. The Mission has a school at the center – St. Claret School – that offers education up to Grade X. It currently has 1,517 students and 36 teaching staff. Besides the center school, there are two village schools that serve a total population of 315 students with 13 teachers. There are 67 hostellers who live in two hostels on campus.

Key Achievements:

  • The Center is currently the oldest mission of Claretian missionaries in Northeast India.
  • The parish has a well-developed campus with facilities for various kinds of leadership training and spiritual activities.
  • Strong youth animation ministries.


Needs/Challenges Ahead:

  • Dealing with militancy in the area
  • Malaria is rampant in the area, affecting both the people and the missionaries.
  • Upgrading the school to higher secondary grade (Grades XI & XII)
  • Scholarships and Endowments to support the education of tribal youth
  • Staff Quarters
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports & Games facilities.


Catechetical and pastoral training for community leaders.